Wink managed wearable camera, the most casual and simplest

Product name BLINCAM
Color Black/White/Blue/Yellow/Pink
Camera 5M pixel HD, compressed to 1.2MB
Shutter/Sensor Eye movement sensor (differentiates between regular and hard blinks)
Battery Rechargeable lithium battery (charge with micro-USB)

 1.5 hrs for continuous use

Connectivity Bluetooth Smart Ready (BLE + BT2.0)


Compatibility with smartphones iOS:  later than iPhone 5, later than iPod touch 5, later tha iOS8

Android: later than ver. 4.3

  • You need to download APP from Apple APP Store or Google Play
Weight 25g
Size D x H x W : 92.4 x 17.6 x 11.6mm
Attachment Mechanism Removable, S/M/L are included in the package, other types will be available at the commerce web site *Use the best fit size to your glasses frame