Attended Viva Technology

Blincam attended ‘Viva Technology’ which took place in Paris from 30 Jun to 2 Jul as one of the many applicants from Orange. In this event, large companies in Europe with startups had exhibitions, speeches and workshops. More than 5K startups and 30K people had come (officialy announced). There were big and gorgeous exhibitions with latest technologies such as drones, VR. Especially European large companies such as LVHM, LOREAL who don’t appear to be such a starup related had showcased their projects with startup companies. Blicam was selected one of the Japanese companies by Orange, one of the largest tele-communication comapnies in Europe. Orange has held Orange fab programs in more than 10 countries and has been searching good opportunities for collaboration with starups. We had not only attended Viva Techonology but also had meetings with French companies and other startups attending Orange fab from other countries.