never let
the moment pass


Attach to eye glasses

Because it attaches to any pair of eye glasses, you can save what you see, anytime anywhere.

WINK to shutter

Blincam distinguishes strong wink or blink from natural ones so all you have to do is to WINK the shutter on your intention.

Hands Free

No need to use hands to take pictures. All you have to do is just to give a wink, or a blink.

Product nameBLINCAM
Camera5M pixel HD, compressed to 1.2MB
Shutter/SensorEye movement sensor (differentiates between regular and hard blinks)
Memory8GB internal memory
BatteryRechargeable lithium battery (charge with micro-USB)
1.5hrs for continuous use
ConnectivityBluetooth Smart Ready (BLE + BT2.0) Micro-USB
Compatibility with smartphonesiOS: later than ver. 8
Android: later than ver. 4.4
*You need to download APP from Apple APP Store or Google Play
SizeD x H x W : 92.4 x 17.6 x 11.6mm
Attachment MechanismRemovable, S/M/L are included in the package,
other types will be available at the commerce web site
*Use the best fit size to your glasses frame


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